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[Well. This wasn't exactly what Giriko intended to do with her day today. But some stupid teenagers are coming to find her, so whatever. She hasn't had a good fight in a long time. It's almost as good as fucking, and she misses it.

She bangs out of the door onto the roof and waits, wishing she had had time to finish one of the golems she's been working on. It's hard to travel and build golems at the same time, though, and she and Henry haven't settled in one place, yet. So she's there, with no backup, her motor already revving in anticipation.]
27 March 2011 @ 10:28 am
Things were pretty quiet in the church today. Giriko sat on the front stoop, a small forest of bottles around him, some empty and some full, and a half-full one between his knees. The air was comfortable, today, not too warm or cold, and the sky was blue and cloudless. Possibly a hot day to come, but for now the real heat hadn't yet hit.

Giriko had no idea that his life was about to go sideways.
24 January 2011 @ 07:39 pm
Giriko had been making some arrangements and having a lot of weird phone calls lately, and he was pretty sure he had come to some conclusions. But there was a big glaring loose end that needed to be tied up first, whatever he'd told Birkin or Henry or anyone else.

So he got up, stretched, and crossed the hall to Justin's room, banging on the door with one closed fist.

Stupid kid was probably listening to music and wouldn't hear it anyway, so he grabbed the knob and turned it without waiting.
19 November 2010 @ 12:12 pm
Giriko didn't quite know how he'd gone from being worried Henry's head had been cut off, to standing outside the church where he now lived, waiting for Henry's brother to come over and get his ass handed to him.

But he was here, his sharp teeth bared in an eager grin, dust swirling around his boots. The church behind him looked derelict and sad, alone in the middle of endless Death Valley desert and scrub. The only interesting feature besides the church itself was a misshapen stone statue. The golem was completely motionless for now, awaiting its master's command.

Giriko might be cocky, and he might like a good fight, but he had no intention of getting impaled by Travis' light saber. He'd use the golem if he needed to, just as he had against Henry. Travis was probably pretty good, but Giriko had 800 years of experience on him, and was a demon weapon. He was confident.
17 November 2010 @ 03:28 pm
Giriko had to admit that it had taken him a bit of time to get his head back on straight after the last couple of revelations and events.

But even though he couldn't actually remember much of his drunken conversation with Henry a couple of nights ago, he felt better. He felt a little bit like a decision had been made, or at least that Henry had his back, which was more than he ever would have expected - and a lot more than he probably deserved.

So it was frustrating to him that Justin hadn't magically gotten over his issues at the exact moment that Giriko had. With Justin avoiding him and only talking to him as much as he was required to do in Team Meetings with His Fucking High Noahness and his little cocksucker, life at the headquarters was a lot more boring than it should be. And it was Justin who'd wanted him there so bad in the first place!

That fact was giving Giriko a pretty damn good idea, all on its own.

He knocked on Justin's door, pounding pretty hard so the priest couldn't claim not to have heard it. And if Justin ignored it anyway, he was fully prepared to kick the damn thing in.
18 October 2010 @ 11:15 am
Baba Yaga's Castle was in ruins. Explosions had ripped through the spider's legs, eight explosions, eight piles of rubble. The main body of the spider was ripped open by the force of the explosions, but otherwise it was largely intact.

Everyone who could still move had run, vanishing into the jungle. Most of Arachne's followers hadn't been able to run. Mosquito was dead. Arachne was dead, and her soul missing. Mifune's body had vanished, but a splash of blood showed where he had fallen before the front doors. Giriko didn't know the details of what had gone down, but there had been no tiny body of the little witch anywhere in the castle. Whatever had happened to Mifune, likely Angela's fate was tied to that. And he couldn't give less of a shit.

The Alchemist stepped out of the front doors, a golem clumping along behind him. He stepped over a body here and there. The golem simply crushed them into the dirt after he'd passed, its step uncaring and unheeding.

He tipped back his head, draining the last of a bottle of Jack. He threw it to one side, and the glass shattered on the flagstones nearby. Maybe he'd die now. Or maybe he'd take that Shibusen priest with him. He didn't give a fuck anymore. Eight hundred years he'd waited, and now he had nothing left to wait for.
06 September 2010 @ 10:35 am
Giriko stepped out of the airport into the heavy Brazilian heat and slipped on a pair of aviator sunglasses as he glanced around. He had left behind his heavy coat and gloves, of course, wearing a safari shirt and a pair of jeans over his shitkicker boots. Even that was fucking hot, but they were going into the jungle and he didn't want to get stung by anything nasty while he was out there. Crocodiles he could handle, but mosquitos pissed him off.

A man wearing a head-to-foot black cloak and a skull-like mask drove up in a jeep. "Ready to go, Giriko-sama?" the man asked. He was likely sweating like crazy in that thing.

"Yeah, just a sec," Giriko said. "I'm waitin' for someone."

He was curious whether Henry would try to kill him again.
24 June 2010 @ 10:28 pm
Yo. You know what to do.


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